Mid-Conference Excursion

Die Mid-Conference Excursions take place Wednesday, July 13, 2016. One out of three different daytrips can to be chosen. Please select the excursion, in which you would like to participate, during your registration in our webshop.

Organizer of the excursions is our partner DGFZ e.V., also many thanks to other companies of the organization committee, which are involved in the planning of the excursions.

Please note! The number of attendees for each excursion is limited. Please register early to ensure your attendence!


Excursion 1: Mine Water Management in the Central German lignite mining district

Combined water quality and water quantity management of the mining and remediation entities in the Central German lignite mining district relating to the river Weiße Elster

Lignite Open Pit “Vereinigtes Schleenhain” of MIBRAG company:

  • Drainage Water Treatment
  • mine water treatment plant Schleenhain

Post Mining Lake Zwenkau of LMBV:

  • future city harbour Zwenkau
  • re-use of former open pit mine area Zwenkau
  • in-lake neutralisation plant
  • water intake and outflow unit

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Excursion 2: Remediation strategies on potash salt dumps

Drainage-Water Management of Potash Mine Dumps in North Thuringia

  • Heap covering: Bleicherode dump
  • drainage water collecting basin Wipperdorf
  • drainage water management and control system at Sondershausen

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Cover Bleicherode

Cover Bleicherode


Excursion 3: Wismut Uranium Mine Sites

Unfortunately, the maximum quantity of attendees is already reached for this excursion!

Remediation of uranium mining sites

  • Ronneburg: Introduction, visit of plants and deposits
  • Seelingstädt: Industrial tailing and water treatment
  • Weiße Elster: Biomonitoring

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