About IMWA2016

Lausitzer_Seenland_2012_KleinerThe Annual Conference of the International Mine Water Association provides the best platform to present the latest developments in mine water technology, as well as exchange knowledge and experiences from practical implementations and scientific projects.

Leipzig at nightThe Host City Leipzig is an ideal place for this event in Germany – bridging mining expertise, education, cultural treasures and perfect infrastructure.

The title of IMWA2016 Annual Conference is

Mining meets Water – Conflicts and Solutions

as Germany has an outstanding expertise in both, engineering and environmental technologies.

Excavator in a lignite mine in Central GermanyMineral resources are needed in almost all fields of modern life. With the demand for resources continually increasing, the requirements for efficiency and sustainability also increase. Therefore, today’s mining projects have to combine efficiency and environmentally sound techniques.

Effluent of a Mine Water Treatment PlantMine water management has a long tradition in German mining. Dewatering technologies and treatment methods for mine waters are being constantly developed to ensure secure and sustainable mining and to preserve water ressources.

The mine of University Bergakademie FreibergThe region of Freiberg has been famous for mining for over 500 years. The mines in the rich ore mountains supplied the local industry with silver, metals and industrial minerals. Today one of the great concerns of the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg is innovation in mining as well as environmental aspects.